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Christian Education

Christian education is integral to life at Holy Trinity, Thornhill, from weekly worship and Sunday School to special events throughout the year. Over the past two years we have participated in some exciting Saturday morning educational/faith building opportunities.

We ALSO have a growing church library to help parishioners broaden their biblical, theological and spiritual horizons.
Christian Education Opportunities exist for those who:

  • Are just beginning their spiritual journey
  • Have been on it for a long time
  • Are unsure about their knowledge of the Bible? No Matter
  • Want to explore the bible
  • Want to explore other books through the lenses of the Bible
  • Want to earn more about Christian faith

Church School

Church School at Holy Trinity, Thornhill, runs from the first Sunday after Labour Day until the end of May. The children’s classroom is colourfully decorated with Noah's Ark motif. Children from 3 years & up are welcome to join us. Visitors are always welcome.

Younger children, babies and tots are welcome to use the back pews on each side of the church, where there are books, crayons and paper, and extra space. Additionally, we have an equipped, bright Nursery.


Church School Registration takes place, the first Sunday after Labour Day. Registration forms may be picked.

God's Garden

At the beginning of the 10:00 a.m. Church service, the children join Canon Stephen “In God’s Garden” on the chancel steps to engage some aspect of their Christian journey.

Following this, the children are lead downstairs to room B, for a lesson.

The Program

The curriculum is based mostly on Bible stories and worship music. The children are brought together for a small worship service, around our mini altar, with candles, music and Children's Bibles. We sing, pray, and listen to a Bible story, enjoy learning and singing worship music, and discuss how we can apply God's Word to our lives. The children respond to this message by breaking into small groups for age and interest appropriate activities, which are arts based.

After their session, the children join their families in church in time for the Holy Eucharist.

Children's Outreach

The children are encouraged to bring a small offering to our service. Envelopes are be provided. These funds go to support our Church’s Outreach Program. The church school sponsors a young girl in Ghana, West Africa, through the Christian Children's Fund. Our current foster child is Mariama.

Another charity, which is supported by the children's offerings, is Sleeping Children Around the World. This is a Toronto charity which insures that 100% of all donations go to the bedkits for the children in developing countries. (

Children's Christmas at Holy Trinity, Thornhill

At Christmas time, the children present a Christmas Pageant, sometimes as part of the choir's Cantata. Visiting children are welcome to join in, as long as they arrive early enough to be costumed.

On Christmas Eve, one of the services is a family service with a focus on young families. Visiting families are welcome to attend.