7 Tips for Lectors

Malcolm Shiner shares 7 tips for how to be a good speaker in church or in front of any group of people.

These are particularly useful for Lectors – those reading the lessons in church.

Tips for readers in church (and public speakers anywhere).

1) Read over your selection a few times ahead of the actual reading, both to find out how to pronounce words new to you, and to better understand the meaning.

2) Sit close to the lectern or move up close just before you read. Walking all the way from the back of the church breaks the flow of the service and wastes time.

3) Adjust the mic to your height and speak directly to it. Listen to your voice and adjust how far away you need to be. You can’t just speak as though chatting with a friend-you must project your voice.

4) Be aware of the audience—the older they are, the louder and slower you need to be. Back-stage we had a sign on the back of the set-LOUD AND SLOW IS THE WAY TO GO.

5) Don’t drop your voice at the end of a sentence—it gets lost.

6) Try to look up from time to time and look directly at the audience.

7) At the end of the lesson, pause before saying “The word of The Lord”. (Count 1000, 2000, 3000 – and then say it!)