Advent Study with C.S.Lewis with Rev. Ginnie; Thursday December 7, 14 and 21 from 1:00pm-2:30pmET on Zoom. No registration required. Join here: Passcode: 1830

Christmas Services:

December 24 Services: 5:00pmET – Youth-Led Communion; 8:00pmET – Communion. Please note there are no morning services on Sunday December 24th.

December 25 Service: 10:00amET – Morning Prayer

November 26:

Reminder! December 3rd services are at 8:00am (quiet communion) and 10:00am (singing!)

Brother Reginald Crenshaw celebrated his 39 year of devotion to a life of faith and service. We are so grateful for his humour, counsel, and leadership.

YouTube Apologies: The YouTube gremlin prevented us from streaming the November 26 service online. With sincere apologies we think we’ve got those kinks worked out and all will stream well through December.

Out of the Cold Shelter: We continue to welcome 26 guests to our auditorium each Sunday night for dinner and a place to sleep. Guests will be staying with us on Christmas Eve, arriving at 5:00pm, and will be served a warm dinner by the wonderful volunteers from Vaughan Community Church. All guests are invited to join the 8:00pm Christmas Eve service.

Volunteers from Holy Trinity and Vaughan Community Church then serve breakfast to the guests at 6:00am each Monday morning. Ordinarily the guests must vacate the property by 7:00am. We are hoping to invite the guests to stay on Christmas Day after breakfast, through lunch, until 3:00pm when they proceed to St. Mary’s Anglican Church (Richmond Hill) for Christmas night. We need to raise about $700 to pay for the security guards through Christmas Day (from 7:00am – 3:00pm) for this to happen.

If you wish to donate please do so through a cheque to the church (designating OOTC Shelter on the cheque) or through the online donation link (see “Donate” in top right corner) and state OOTC Shelter in “Write a private message to us”. Thank you. Bless you.

Festival of Christmas: Thank you to the 100 volunteers who made the Festival a truly festive, joyous occasion for so many. Lunches, the raffle, baking, gifts, jewelry and crystal wonders all sold rapidly adding up to an estimated >$9000.00 for charities! Bazinga! The total will be announced when it is finalized. Thank you to all those who baked, worked, organized, cleaned up — and the student volunteers were fantastic!!

November 12: – Video begins at the Announcements

November 5:

1. A reminder – that as we live through this “Interim Interim” stage of our transition, we all have to remind ourselves that very little of anything involved with our church family life is “normal” or “usual”. We know that that makes things difficult, that mistakes are and will be made and changes to routine will happen.  We are asking that when you find yourselves thinking the word :normal” or “usual” in the same sentence with the words “Holy Trinity” that you pause and ask yourself has anything changed? do I have to think differently?. Last week was quite stressful for some and we would like to avoid that feeling going forward. As a Parish, you have handled all the changes of the last 2 to 3 years with grace and strength – you have been amazing in fact, we are just asking you to hold on a little longer.

2. Another reminder-if planning any event at HTC, you have three points of contact to use — Brother Reg for questions of Liturgy (including funerals), the Wardens and/or Laura for anything else. While others maybe involved in the event, they can not give the approval.

3. November Services: (The Change) November 4,12 & 25 will be morning prayer with John Carrington preaching on the 4th and Brother Reg on the 12th & 25th. Nov 19th will be Holy Eucharist with Canon Stephen Crowther presiding and Brother Reg preaching. 

4. We are Not Alone: We think it is important for you to know that our friends are supporting us through our Interim Interim period. We had several offers for help from other priests in the Region to come and offer Sunday Communion, just not in November. An example is Canon Crowther found he had a free Sunday and offered it for Nov 19th. The help also includes from the Diocese.

5. The Big News: The Diocese has found us a FULL TIME INTERIM, albeit for two months! Rev Ginnie Wong will be with us for December & January. She will start maternity leave in February. This is important for 2 reasons, one it will cover the Christmas Season and two – it allows our priest some time for significant pastoral care and outreach. Specific details on our Christmas plans will follow in the coming weeks.

6. We have heard and understood your various questions about the time of our Sunday service. We are not ignoring it. We are simply trying to figure out who is leading the services and what are the time implications, if any, of those decisions. As you can see from the foregoing that is starting to become clearer and we hope to have a proposal to put before you shortly.

Thank you for all your support and prayers ________________________________________________
The Wardens