Christian education is integral to life at Holy Trinity, Thornhill, from weekly worship and Sunday School to special events throughout the year. Over the past two years we have participated in some exciting Saturday morning educational/faith building opportunities. We ALSO have a growing church library to help parishioners broaden their biblical, theological and spiritual horizons.
Christian Education Opportunities exist for those who

  • Are just beginning their spiritual journey"
  • Have been on it for a long time
  • Are unsure about their knowledge of the Bible? No Matter
  • Want to explore the bible
  • Want to explore other books through the lenses of the Bible
  • Want to earn more about Christian faith

For 20 minutes between our two Sunday services, members gather in the Reception Room to talk to each other about one of the readings of the day (usually the Gospel). They may also reflect on the Homily heard at 8 a.m. or contribute insight or thoughts that are shared during the 10:00 service. Here are a few comments from participants.

“..a wonderful opportunity to discuss the Sunday’s gospel text from two vantage points – what it might have meant to the original hearers and what it might mean to us today. Short and sweet – no prior knowledge required”. (John Carrington.)

“...the 20MBW gets me reading the Sunday scripture passage and then connecting more with the sermon”. (Bari-Lynne Butters.)

“It's 20 Minutes to pick up Bible Wisdom of what the Gospel to be read in the service means, who wrote it, when they wrote it, and - most importantly - why!” (Rebecca Jones.)

“The 20 MBW helps to set you in the mood for worship as we read and discuss the Gospel for the day.” (Robert Ogilvie.)

“The 20 MBW is an opportunity to experience a short passage of scripture with fellow parishoners and make the bible passage your own.” (Steven Law.)

“Upon listening to other people's interpretation of scripture, I find myself looking at scripture in a new and different way. I never thought of that passage in quite that way before." (Judy Bradshaw)